I think it’s more and more difficult to find silence. You go anyplace — restaurants, an airport, and people are all figuring out ways to fill up the silence with some kind of technology. They’re listening on earphones. They’re looking at smartphones. And I think this is a terrible thing. … I think we’ve become afraid of silence.

Marilyn Nelson (On Being)

Personally, I’ve been working hard to introduce more opportunities for silence into my life since at least 2017 while working on the Being Hear book with Fuchsia MacAree. I see an uncomfortableness some with silence in my kids, and it’s a contributor to my lack of interest in new-fangled apps and technologies. My existence is already too full.

You can listen to more from storytelling poet Marilyn Nelson in the On Being podcast with Krista Tippett in an episode that originally aired in 2017.