Forms of Four

I’ve now had Rocinante the Riso for a wee bit over a year, and the last week has been the most sustained stretch I’ve had to empty my mind and free my hands to make things that don’t need to serve a grand purpose beyond bringing me some joy and to untether the strange or oft-ignored corners of my mind.

One of the particular fruits of these experiments and labor is a new 12-page 5c zine called Four Shapes, the first in what will be a series exploring form, texture, and color. The first volume is now available as an edition of 30 via the shop.

Four Shapes zine covers
Four Shapes pages 1 and 2 interiors
Four shapes pages 11 and 12 interiors

The code SUPER20 will take a sweet 20% off the top too if you want.


Printed on a Risograph EZ 391U duplicator using Aqua, Light Teal, Bright Red, Sunflower and Black inks. All zines are trimmed and assembled by hand. Created using Adobe Illustrator and Procreate. Type throughout the zine is set using Champ designed by Cristi Bordeianu & Andrei Robu.