If You Ever Want to Return

If You Ever Want to Return You Need to Leave First
A reminder from my first trip to Vienna in 2018.

I came across this photo tonight and it feels a quite on the nose in the middle of the Current Situation. I took it while walking from Supersense to my hotel while visiting Vienna for the first time. Although that trip was a short stop on my way back to California from Dublin, it turned into much more than I would have guessed.

Seeing it again hit me like a bag of hammers. Or maybe that old rusty motor I knocked off a shelf in the garage and that landed on my arm — ahem, a story for another time. Although it’s arguably a little on the nose with the ongoing Sheltering-in-Place situation, personally it feels like a not-so-subtle message about a long-delayed thing I need to do to get back to myself.

Duly noted. Thanks universe.