National Ampersand Day

Ampersand set in Hobeaux Rococeaux by Oh No Type Co
Hobeaux Rococeaux from Oh No Type Co in Oakland, CA

September 8th is National Ampersand Day which is always a good opportunity to dig up a favorite to highlight.

I first encountered Hobeaux Rococeaux through a letterpress broadsheet its designer James Edmondson had gifted to us at the Analog Lab. It was just one possible reimagination of the ubiquitous Hobo as something even more ridiculous. It was my favorite aside from the icycaps variation which to-date is still unfinished. Probably (wisely) abandoned.

I bought a license right away back in 2015 and still haven’t found the right use for it. I may never. But I’m happy to support independent type designers like James whenever I can — as should you.