The Painted Word

Hand painted sheets of casual lettering alphabets in orange, red, black, yellow, teal, green and gold on translucent vellum scattered on top of each other
Original hand painted alphabet sheets created between 2014–2019

The first edition zine sold out rather quickly and while the original yield ended up a bit less than planned, I had most of the necessary spreads to produce a few more copies. But of course I had an idea to add something new to this edition: some of the original painted pages, the source material for the project itself.

Each of the 5 copies in the second edition includes four additional pages of painted lettering (8 sheets with each set doubled), a new cover treatment and colorway, and will be available later this week in the shop. I’m guessing they won’t last long.

Update: I was correct, they lasted about 5 minutes if even that.