Through Lines 005

A beautiful tribute to Ed Ruscha and the city of LA that features so heavily in his work.

  • One for any artist or designer friends hurting financially (or even creatively) right now.
  • Hugh's daughter is the kind of hero we need right now.
  • I’m sure I’ve read this story about the cognitive shift of seeing the whole world at once. However, I stumbled on it (again?) recently, and it continues to feel relevant through a different lens than before.
  • Unit Editions is at it again with Studio Culture Now. Cha-ching!
  • The open-source IKEA Growroom from Space10 sounds terrific and might be a fun summer project though I wonder how hard it might be to build without a CNC machine.
  • The design process squiggle and its origins.
  • All the segmented type variations.
  • As always, Kermit made me smile.
  • Dan Dubuque… wow!