Through Lines 012

If you haven’t seen the documentary series on the making of The Mandalorian, I highly recommend it, if only to see how impressive the technology they pioneered for the show is. Ludwig Göransson’s score is fantastic too, and although it’s quite a departure from what John Williams pioneered over 9 films, it’s perfectly suited to the show.

  • I so love me a good Eichler home.
  • Wow to Felicia Chiao and her amazing illustration work.
  • I’ve been experiencing a version of shifting baseline syndrome for some time at work but couldn’t figure out how to articulate it until now. The pandemic has made that all the more apparent.
  • An unquestionably good pairing.
  • A lovely heartfelt tribute to Jason Polan from Jen Bekman of 20x200.
  • Delightful, and hits very close to home for me.
  • Go read this interview with Jia Tolentino. I’ll wait.
  • The next in what I’m sure is a long list of invented language that we’ll one day wake up and realize is problematic for reasons that we didn’t have the foresight to see when it came into being.
  • I’ve followed Rian’s work for years and now a new novel.
  • Libraries are in the “business of community” and like everything else, they probably won’t look anything like we known them in a post-pandemic world.
  • The Letterform Archive is pulling together amazing and valuable work right now. Pay attention.