Through Lines 019

I fell into an Atlas Obscura rabbit hole again today during lunch and found the above gem featuring artist Pui Wan’s incredible miniature architecture. Of course so much of what she doing could be replicated in 3D or VR, but I suspect it would lack the warmth, character her process evokes in honoring and representing each building.

  • Although I’m not a big podcast listener, I love music and the stories behind the writing and recording process, and so The Jump, hosted by Shirley Manson is right up my alley. Maybe yours too.
  • This is a profoundly beautiful cover and a powerful statement.
  • As someone who’s suffered sinus andbreathing issues my whole life, this is really interesting, especially right now.
  • Rest in Power, Chadwick — a hero we didn’t deserve, gone far too soon.
  • Pretty sure I’d get along swimmingly with Ranger Doug.
  • Sowersby does it again with Signifier — a real cracker of a type family.
  • This is a movie for me. Thank you for making it Kevin.
  • Where has this been all my life?
  • Cancer sucks. The Tragically Hip do not. Buy a print and support critical brain cancer research in the memory of The Hip’s own Gord Downie.