Through Lines 027

I’ll admit to being a bit slow to pick up on the new album from Fleet Foxes, mostly for fear of it being over-hyped, but ok, it is pretty good.

  • I use the term ‘cross-disciplinary’ here, but multidisciplinary, generalist, and other similar terms equally fit my definition of the kind of designer I am — or aspire to be. I very much subscribe to the definition in Jared Fuller’s latest Eye on Design piece.
  • My copy arrived earlier this week, but Infernal Monologue by my pal Brandon Land really speaks to me. Maybe you too?
  • I don’t know much about Detroit Style pizza but my interest (and appetite) is most certainly piqued. Definitely will be trying this out. h/t Mitch Goldstein
  • One of many great sessions from the most recent Adobe Max featuring a handful of great lettering tips from Martina Flor.
  • Content, the unsung hero of any project. Nicole does a great job of running through a recent redesign of the site and the team’s process. Perhaps most importantly, there’s a clear why this was needed.
  • A sad end to Best Made Co.. I can relate for my own reason that will be evident soon.
  • Undoubtedly will need to add Button Power to the ‘ol design bookshelf.
  • I think it’s fair to say Bowie wasn’t wrong back in ‘99.
  • If you like books, may I recommend The Book Makers.
  • These kits from teenage engineering seem like fun. Great packaging too.
  • Anyone got $25 million to spare?