Through Lines 038

Derek DelGaudio is new to me, but this show coming to Hulu on January 22nd looks right up my alley. Directed by Frank Oz (Yoda) and produced by Stephen Colbert which sounds like a winning team to me.

  • I’m intrigued by e-bikes but so far haven’t been able to get over the cost and the general look of them. Clip, on the other hand has my full attention.
  • Finally! A bonsai tree that can survive just about anything, other than maybe being dropped on the floor ;-)
  • A big roundup of I Love Typography's favorite typefaces of 2020. Can’t argue with John’s choices — and more so with the honorable mentions. Gorgeous page too.
  • Speaking of type, Aerobik from LiftType caught my eye this week. That K is strutting!
  • I’m a total nerd who grew up on Marvel Comics, so I can’t wait for the charming and maybe deranged weirdness that WandaVision looks like it will bring to the MCU.
  • I’ve seen enough software come and go, but PDF has been a reliable constant for decades. And that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.
  • COLLINS never fails to impress with the care and quality that goes into their work, and how they’ve maintained that as while scaling is equally impressive. Brian and Nick Ace are both top shelf.
  • Handy winter shooting tips for your cold weather Polaroid photography needs.
  • May need to make some space on the bookshelf for Code as Creative Medium.
  • The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. Agnosthesia perfectly describes the last few days.
  • The Japanese really do have a word for everything.