Through Lines 042

Two great things in one: Hayden (who first appeared back in Through Lines 25) and The National. Really, what more can I ask for? I stumbled on this performance while going down a YouTube rabbit hole on something else entirely; but what tends to happen is you find these collisions of musicians who’ve performed with each other. And so here we are.

  • Sagittarius — another gorgeous (and in this case, also a little unexpected) release from H&Co. Bonus points for the most Fonzie manicule I think I’ve ever seen.
  • Related to Sagittarius, the Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction which seems like a super handy reference. Beautifully designed to boot.
  • The Live Music Jukebox is fun to explore. I’ll often choose a live version of a favorite track over the studio recording myself for many of the reasons described.
  • I’ve procrastinated reading Walter Isacson’s biography on Jobs for years now. A forthcoming book from the guy who built all of Steve's keynotes on the other hand sounds much more exciting.
  • A handy walkthrough on adding dynamic loading to a Kirby site. Proud to have contributed a bit to this one myself to encourage a more progressively-enhanced approach.
  • As a big fan of Stewart Brand, I’m very much looking forward to We Are As Gods.
  • F*** the haters, Phoebe's SNL performance was fantastic and she can smash a guitar on par with any man.
  • I had one singular thought while watching this demo of the MetaHuman Creator — what could possibly go wrong?
  • I’ve always irrationally feared the semicolon; but maybe no more?