Through Lines 043

Peter Gabriel’s “Biko” from 1980, newly re-recorded with a cast of 25 international musicians including well-known names like Yo-Yo Ma, bassist Meshell Ndegeocello, Angélique Kidjo, the Cape Town Ensemble and more, still speaks to the work ahead to escape what Gabriel has called “the dark shadow of racism.”

  • Geoff McFetridge is a national treasure. It was a delight to briefly meet him and his family following his receiving the National Design Award at the Cooper Hewitt in 2016. This is a great look behind how he thinks and works.
  • Tyler makes some pretty great software, and his latest, TextBuddy looks like a particularly handy tool if you deal with a lot of text.
  • Another beaut from the fine folks at Collins, this time for the San Francisco Symphony. The variable typeface really is the killer feature of this identity.
  • Related, Symphosizer is a fun way to play with Dinamo’s variable type.
  • RSS. Still great after all these years and better than any damn algorithm.
  • The real promise of VR is not what you think it is.
  • A “deficit of niceness” feels like a generous description of the American landscape.
  • It really is a pretty nice blue.