Through Lines 051

A delightful little short stop-motion animated film by Irish director Conor Finnegan. I can’t help but feel like this could be an Oliver Jeffers book brought to life.

  • I fully embrace The Grind as Jacob Kaplan-Moss describes it. My own version has been processing, de-duplicating, capturing metadata, and organizing the thousands of designs that comprise the Analog Lab Archive. Thankless work, but it’s key to unlocking potential and preserving an important legacy.
  • “Quiet people change the world because they hear things others don’t.” Yup, especially in big group meetings with lots of people jockeying for attention.
  • Joona Louhi’s Louche, available through Future Fonts is oozing with personality, especially that Black weight when set nice and tight.
  • “We wanted to be seen as our own creative engine.” This 1000x.
  • Related to the above, imagining a more inclusive design future. A great interview with creative director and educator Forest Young.
  • Love love love this video on traditional Japanese printmaking (Ukiyo-e) with master printmaker Keiji Shinohara. His pace and deliberateness in every move feels like something missing in today’s modern ideas about work.
  • 10+ reasons to write a book. Ring a lot of bells for me.
  • Not-so-Special Characters. Insert typographic snort here.