Through Lines 059

This song, Welcome to the Internet from the Netflix show Inside literally has it all or says it all. “Apathy is tragedy and boredom’s a crime” sums up the state of the internet today quite succinctly if you ask me.

  • Sister Corita's Hollywood Studio has been saved! File under: best news of the week.
  • I think on its own, ambition is fine and certainly worth encouraging. But it does feel like it’s been turned against workers all over and with a particularly heavy cost for women. Our greatest defense is simply saying “no.”
  • I’m not quite sure what is or will be, but I’m definitely on board with many of the ideas they’ve proposed.
  • 20 years later, revisiting Radiohead's Amnesiac.
  • After a few nights over the past few weeks of restless sleep, these 20 questions about sleep are relevant to my interests.
  • Maybe related to the above — “In addition to our time, the postindustrial work ethic demands our hearts. It does not deserve them.” As ever, a good read from Mandy Brown.
  • Kirby has made building stuff for the web fun for me. This Alfred search workflow is gonna be super handy.
  • This would make a nice Father’s Day present. For me, I mean.
  • This new LEGO Typewriter too!