Through Lines 067

Admittedly I was never a big fan of David Lynch’s 1984 Dune film, but I’m hoping Denis Villeneuve’s new take on the story will make me a fan. There’s certainly some good spectacle in this extra long trailer.

  • Dr. Nadine Chahine’s CEDARS+ type classification proposal is interesting stuff if you’re looking for new ways to organize or think about typefaces.
  • 21 Wallpaper offers up 7 new beautifully illustrated wallpapers for desktop and mobile devices every couple months. I’ve been stuck with the same wallpaper for some time, so this was of immediate interest.
  • I don’t totally see all the connections to hand painted vernacular signage in Jeremy Mickel’s new Owners, but the tight letter spacing is chef’s kiss. And those italic Zs.
  • Sudtipos released Balneario by Panco Sassano this week and it’s got a lot of rhythm and pizzaz. The mixed case connected script is particularly groovy.
  • Norway is onto something with this new national recycling icon and signage system.
  • Field Notes Trailhead edition — another great addition to the collection, naturally.
  • This Control Panel group on Flickr is a fun rabbit hole to go down. So many buttons, dials, and switches!
  • I adore both of Emily St. John Mandel’s previous novels, so Sea of Tranquility will be a must-read for me when it comes out next April.
  • Misophonia is a new term to me, but what it represents is strangely not so unfamiliar.
  • BBEdit 14 is out and it still doesn’t suck. Neither do the lengthy release notes.
  • Who is Blue Origin for? indeed.