Through Lines 074

Psychologist Adam Grant suggests (wisely, I would say) that play is not the bonus you get for checking off all the things on your to do list, but instead needs to be one of those things on that list. This TED Talk from actor Ethan Hawke on giving yourself permission to be creative is a particularly good follow up to that.

  • I wasn’t so sure about the idea of a Genesis reunion/tour but this behind the scenes PBS documentary has me reconsidering for the lighting show which is going to be out of this world, but also because it sounds like they’re going to play my favorite (and rarely played) song on the tour. I also just realized that the last time I saw them was (gulp) 30 years ago.
  • We can only hope that our smartphones are so good that they slow down the development of other new tech that I expect will be even more problematic for society than the tech world expects.
  • Nightmare Alley looks like an interesting visual departure for Guillermo Del Toro with no obvious monsters or creatures (just plain old humans) and I’m all for it.
  • The first line says it all and I would argue it’s a root cause of much misery for so many people in the working world. The term you’re looking for is “bozo explosion” and if you’ve experienced it, you know it.
  • I’m totally floored by the announcement that Monotype has acquired Hoefler&Co. My biggest wish is really that Monotype will not squander this opportunity and the talent that have made H&Co such a renowned foundry.
  • 41 questions we should be asking about technology. The secret is to think about yourself first — what you want, need, and value.
  • Mark Caneso’s new Decoy type family could almost be Cooper Black’s cousin yet still has plenty of its own unique charm and, ahem, character.
  • I do like it when Alé (along with Vanessa Zuñiga Tinizaray) gets a little weird as is the case with the release of Tinkuy Patterns.
  • I’ve posted about Vocal Type and Du Bois before, but one more time is just fine.
  • Hawkeye looks like another fun solo Marvel adventure.