Through Lines 077

I’ve really enjoyed this modern reboot of Lost in Space on Netflix and the new forthcoming third and final season looks wild.

  • Delve (of Delve Fonts) walks through the basics of making your own fonts. He also happens to be one of my absolutely favorite type people.
  • The Tech Worker Handbook is an important achievement. It’s launch this week feels particularly significant.
  • I’m increasingly skeptical of so many technologies, and VPN services are no exception. The Algo project has caught my interest in the sadly needed effort to provide some degree of real protection on the internet.
  • The annual Steamroller Print Festival at the San Francisco Center for the Book is a real treat. Giant, beautiful prints plus a steamroller — what’s not to like?
  • TypeCon is coming up in less than 2 weeks and all virtual this year!
  • Indeed, more Kathryn Hahn is always a good thing which makes word of her own Marvel spin-off show an exciting piece of news.
  • Ringo, Keltner, Cameron, and many other great musicians for a good cause.
  • Papier is another example of a well done nouveau-style branding project following Collins’ excellent work in rebranding Crane.
  • After another long, tough week, I really needed the laughs this brought.
  • Bretagne’s Self Modern Italic is all oooooh-aaaaaah. Delightfully weird yet elegant.
  • The new Stripe Press site is pretty slick.
  • This is me combined with extra-curricular projects.
  • RIP Alan Kalter.