Through Lines 084

78,846 frames breathtakingly beautiful of ångström-171 data (images of the sun) from the Solar Dynamics Observatory originally captured throughout August 2014.

  • I’ll be enthusiastically following Computational Design Practices (CDP) and as-ever, the work of my friend Kyuha “Q” Shim who is spearheading this within the AIGA.
  • “We don’t need to swap out our bodies with holographs and avatars. We need to nurture our sense of touch. A firm hand squeeze during grace, a cuddle with the dog on the couch, a hug like you mean it. In other words, the tactile joys of being alive.” Bingo! JoAnna Novak gets it.
  • “The office made work inefficient, and interfered with life” and other design legacies of the pandemic. See also Steve Heller’s ode to his office as a counterpoint.
  • Tellumo from Terrance Weinzierl feels like one of those typefaces that could become ubiquitous and feels right at home in both packaging and signage.
  • Tom Foley’s Cotford looks like a similarly solid workhorse. I’m curious to really see how the micro sizes perform, especially on screen.
  • James Edmondson (aka OH no TypeCo) unleashed Retail just in time for Black Friday — full of all the usual vim, vigor, and details that James puts into all his letterforms.
  • The concept for Smoosh Bits from TypeSupply made me chuckle, but I love the results. The original, Smoosh fills a big gap in the supply of ultra condensed serif typefaces.
  • I suffer from some of the ailments these bike grips address, so I’m keeping an eye on the Personomic custom bike grips project, especially post-Kickstarter.
  • This LEGO Ideas project for Gutenberg's Printing Press is so good.
  • A very good definition of Class 1 and Class 2 problems as they relate to technology.
  • Ivaylo Durmonski nails it on why being curious beats being smart.
  • Deep Sea Diver back on KEXP for a cracker of an in-studio performance.
  • Just in time for Boxing Day back home, Letterkenny season 10. Can’t wait.