Through Lines 089

Letters to the Future is one of those projects that I wish I had come up with. I’m most enamored by the idea of making recycled plastic sheets for printing on — so easy, and I have everything needed already at my disposal.

Notable Type Releases

I’m going to experiment with breaking out new type releases starting this week. This is as much to help me find my own notes again as it might be to make these stand out.

  • Radius may not be the prettiest typeface but it takes addresses a real typesetting problem in a smart way with variable font technology.
  • Mohol from Hungarumlaut — that uppercase M and N!
  • Type designers seems to be all over ink traps these days. When done well, as is the case with Pangram Pangram’s Neue Machina, I’m all for it.
  • Apparently I missed Bold Monday’s Alterego back in 2018 when it was released, but no time like now to draw some attention to it for all it’s pixel-like weirdness.
  • Weird Serif definitely has the right name. Weird indeed.