Through Lines 099

Space + Herzog = something I obviously need to watch. The absurdity of the idea of moving a mass of humans out into space or another planet sounds impossible if not implausible and certainly the question to ask is: who gets left behind? I think the answer inevitably would cause a great deal of alarm

  • “People get paid a lot to push things through, and if you’re not doing that, then you’re basically failing.” I feel this through and through in what I’ve seen happening around me for many years now and still hope there’s possibility for change.
  • LEGO SX-70 One Step camera. Crossing my fingers this turns into a real thing.
  • One of my planned concerts during the pandemic that hasn’t been rescheduled was seeing one of my Canadian favorites, Sarah Harmer in SF. A new live version of Take Me Out will have to suffice for now I guess.
  • It’s super nerdy, but I’m excited by the new 1Password CLI and SSH integrations. I’ve been using this in the recent beta builds for a while and it’s fun.
  • Pleased to see my favorite browser begin to catch up on some important web technologies like lazy image loading, native dialog elements and a lot more.
  • File for future reference under: would could possibly go wrong?
  • I really like this idea of narrative design from… 2017. This one slipped under my radar but feels particularly relevant to me at the moment. Toque tip Greg.
  • Welcome back Mike Meyers. The Pentaverate looks fun.

Notable Font Releases

  • Rostislav Vaněk has made something great with Epika Serif available from from Superior Type. Comes in normal, condensed, and extended widths, a solid range of weights, and loads of alternate character touches. A wishlist item for sure.
  • Iota from Type Supply reminds me a little of Sharp Grotesk but with its own unique character, one that’s maybe more straightforward geometric than quirky.
  • I’m digging Salad from Zetafonts. Full of upright casual sign painterly alternate characters, ligatures, arrows, and pictograms.