Through Lines 111

I loved Dark, so I’m definitely intrigued by what’s coming in 1899

Notable Type Releases

  • I’m not even sure what to say about Léna Le Pommelet’s Furya coming out of the Type Media program other than, wowzers. Don’t miss all the other great type from the 2021 class such as Surround, Postgothic and Mobius to name just a few.
  • Michael Cina’s Public Type delivers a uniquely European take on a condensed grotesque with TWEN. The squared alternative letterforms scream Russian Constructivist to me. Not necessarily new, but new to me.
  • Interchange Display mixes 1970’s flair within a condensed, multiplexed family. This will be one to watch expand further as its development progresses on Future Fonts.
  • Fenotype’s new Double Knuckle continues the trend this week of 1970’s character in type design. That lowercase r with the extra long arm… swoon!
  • Occlusion Grotesque is not at all what I expected.