Through Lines 113

I’m finding this short film from Diatomic Studio built from kinetic tessellation animations quite soothing. The minimal black and white color palette is probably a big part of why.

  • Arthur C. Brook’s latest on mid-life crises is perfect food for thought for me right now. As he says, “Work to change your objective by stepping away from voluntary duties and responsibilities, and making more time to think, read, love, and pray — the work that you need to do to reengineer you.”

  • I’m just gonna say what I think of these virtual outfits: no.

  • Related to the above? Maybe, kinda, sorta. There are definitely threads between these things, but I couldn’t help but find myself nodding along with this piece by Charlie Warzel on Silicon Valley's Bad Bosses and the school of Musk. Horrible indeed.

  • Falling Apart (Right Now) from Wilco’s new Cruel Country LP, live from the Solid Sound Festival in 2022. See also: Bird Without a Tail/Base of My Skull.

  • The process behind Oh no Type Co’s plump and delightful Softie.

  • IKEA is making a record player with the Swedish House Mafia. You heard me.

Notable Type Releases

  • I do like a good sturdy Clarendon serif, so NN Colroy by Marc Droz is right up my alley.
  • Oh no Type Co released Softie and yes, you will want to hug it and squeeze it. Delightful in every possible way.
  • It was released in 2019 so it’s not exactly new, but Magnat Poster from RenĂ© Bieder popped up on my radar this week and man, I forgot just how much it has going on.
  • Sudtipos describes their new release, Frigga as being designed around “Baroque Dutch tradition of text typefaces and northern European type forms.” I can’t find fault in that. It also looks like a very versatile arrow for one’s typographic quiver.
  • Lots of good high/low-def pixels in NB Television™ Pro Edition.