Through Lines 119

I still think Rogue One has been the best overall new Star Wars film since Disney bought the franchise from Lucasfilm, so my money is also on Andor with it’s strong cast, gritty wartime themes, and insistence on practical sets finding a similar place in that ranking.

  • Making a mental note to pay a visit to Issues the next time I’m back home in Toronto.
  • I keep discovering new gems hiding in Wilco’s Cruel Country album which is quickly rising on my list of favorites and this Premier Guitar interview help me appreciate it even more.
  • An engine for the imagination does sound like a good way to describe what something like Midjourney or similar AI-powered image generation tools are for.
  • I’m much more bullish on AR than VR, but even so there’s a few things depicted in this short film, Augmented City 3D that I can easily imagine turning what could be useful technology into a dystopian hellscape.
  • This new research on the impact of the environment on us is relevant to my interests.
  • I definitely fall into the category of wanting to be better at doing nothing — that thing we were all promised the future would offer us but has failed to deliver.
  • A few handy tips on how to properly store and care for vinyl records.
  • Someone (wink wink nudge nudge), is in most excellent company with the lineup of speakers for this year’s Hamilton Wayzgooseyou should come.
  • Instagram is dead. Spot-on observation and analogy from Om.
  • Right on! Indeed.

Notable Type Releases

  • Novaletra Serif is new from Connary Fagen is the kind of comfortable, low contrast typeface I think would run beautifully on the Risograph. The little notch in the lowercase r is a particularly nice detail.
  • The delightfully funky and cool Mayonnaise by Spaghetype (lol) has hit the 1.0 primetime. Sandwichboards of the world look out!
  • Cue the Leonard Cohen — you say you want it Darker? Blaze Type has you covered.
  • Darkmode Mono, a new addition to the already great Darkmode family from Dalton Maag which also got a new slanted style.