Through Lines 129

The Bad Ends had me at Bill Berry on drums. And there’s a Mike Mills cameo in the video before it gets, um, weird.

  • Cambridge Dictionary added “More Cowbell” to their official idioms list. Chef’s kiss.
  • I’m now very intrigued by this film The Five Obstructions that Mitch Goldstein mentioned earlier this week, and the particular creative model itself
  • QSL (Do you Confirm Receipt of My Transmission?) is a new book from Standards Manual collecting over 100 QSL cards used by pre-internet “ham” radio operators. There was a presentation about these several years back at TypeCon that was the highlight that year.
  • Also new in the books department is a massive two volume monograph on 50 years of Pentagram from Unit Editions. A long time in the making. And it’s not cheap.
  • And then there’s Design Fiction which may be a valuable addition to any designers’ library. Particularly if focused on discovering and preventing future harms and unintended consequences. So basically everyone.
  • I have an eero and their Plus plan announcement this past week is a bit of a bummer though maybe I’ll change my mind in a few weeks once I figure out how to detangle overlapping subscriptions.
  • Obsidian looks like a really interesting writing editor/companion, particularly the idea graphing functionality. That’s something I would actually use.
  • Frank Talk, a fabulous interview with the incredulous architect by an old friend of mine. I delighted in reading this.
  • I’d never seen or heard of the Dracula Parrot before. Terrifying.
  • Every idea of the Metaverse is instantly less awful without VR.
  • Ad's for everyone! Everywhere! aka The Final Straw.

Notable Type Releases

  • The angular and I’d say highly experimental Tokyoto caught my eye in particular for the way diacritics are integrated into the letterforms while still maintaining their readability.
  • Octave from Sharp Type (designed by Josh Finklea) reconsiders the modern sans serif through the lens of the sensible mid-1900s but with a contemporary flourish. There’s more on Sharp Type’s site that makes that sound less like a big heap of nonsense.
  • Everyone seems to be in on the Cooper/Windsor remake train lately, this time Fenotype with Peach Crush. Lots of nice looking ligatures in there though.
  • The modern, full-featured and extensive Nuances Serif from Blaze Type definitely fits the bill of workhorse type family. And those italics — gorgeous!