Through Lines 131

I can’t even with this story about Toy Story 2 almost being lost during production. Seriously. ­čś│ Also — back your s**t up and check that your backups are good. Regularly.

Notable Font Releases

  • Just look at Aneto from Type Together. Gorgeous through and through.
  • I’m wearing thin on new grotesque type families, yet LuxTypo’s new Pragmatic Grotesque’s six weights and matching italics evokes a sense of calm trustworthiness and warmth. Bonus points for including a great set of numerals and symbols.
  • Parabole, a display face from ecal reminds me of something else, I just can’t place it but the contrast between its intersecting, inside-out display face and the text style makes for an interesting combination.
  • Offered for free until November 20th, Bouuuuuh from LiftType includes 5 distinct display styles within a singular family. I’m not sure how to describe them but the crisp, sharp wedge shapes wouldn’t feel out of place throughout Halloween.
  • Curiously, a new early release on FutureFonts from Martha Sue Coursey modernizes an unusual 15th century style I recognize from children’s books and old specimen catalogues. Lots of potential in this release including those lovely pictograms.
  • Stencil faces don’t get the love they deserve, so I was thrilled to learn about Ella from Type-o-Tones with its calligraphic strokes and sharp, angular cuts.
  • Arnika from Typejockeys closes out this week with an elegant four-width family whose charm and poise are undeniable. The condensed weight in particular… radiant!