Is Acceleration Accelerating?

Technology in the last 20 years has accelerated life more than at any other period in history. We increasingly experience the world as a never-ending race. Days spin by. Weeks. Months. Everything is instantaneous and feels like it's happening all at once. Technology has worked to optimize every moment of our lives for more technology. It leaves little room for respite where we can unplug and look around to get our bearings.

Is Acceleration Accelerating? poster
Installed posters in Facebook's San Francisco office
An Alternate Poster Design

This poster was a response to my own anxieties about technology and about the pace of life. By bringing forward the idea of time, speed, pace, and acceleration which acts as the central figure in the design, it aims to call attention to the ground — the environment in which all of this is happening — increasingly unseen or unconsidered.