Museum of Reincarnated Technology

Before the internet became woven into the landscape we see through our phones and computers, technology was a means to affix our point of view, and our content, into a series of artifacts — a letter, a drawing, a game, a Polaroid, a playlist. The Museum of Reincarnated Technology exhibit was put on during Facebook’s annual f8 developer conference in 2015 as a lens on the promise each technology demonstrated of our potential. We called each new form into existence, and in turn, each changed us and shaped the way we interpret the world.

Museum of Reincarnated Technology booth at f8
Portable TV, Braun Radio, and Analog Modem
Cameras and Media Technologies
Issue 1 of Wired and Removable Media
Visitors to the Museum of Reincarnated Technology booth at f8
Visitors to the MoRT exhibit during the conference.
Signage as Screenprint Screens
Silkscreen frames as signage in the exhibit.
Collected Writing Tools
Waiting to use the Typewriter Station

The Museum of Reincarnated Technology exhibit featured a curated selection of outdated technologies including removable media, tools for writing, cameras and image capture devices, portable electronics. Throughout the two day event, more than 2500 attendees visited to explore and participate in ongoing Risograph printmaking, analog portrait photography, traditional letter writing, and more.

The exhibit was conceived and developed by Tim Belonax, Scott Boms, Jez Burrows, Hannah Fletcher, Margot Merrill-Fernandez, and Jonathan Colman, with additional support from the Facebook facilities team.